Airport Pickup Lago Atitlan Guatemala

Airport Pickup and other ideas on how to travel from GUA --- Guatemala City to Lago Atitlan Guatemala. Arrive in Panajachel, or San Pedro la Laguna.

The price to be picked up at the Guatemala City airport is:

80-100 U.S. Dollars, and you can normally pay with dollars.

You can pound, and negotiate this prices with Taxis at the airport, if you can speak Spanish, and are sure you know what you are doing. They will ask 150 USD, and settle easy on 80, but 60 is possible.

Arrive in the morning, and you can do better on transport. It is a lot cheaper to take a 20 USD taxi to Antigua, then find a shuttler. Or stay for one-night, and take a 5-10 USD shuttle to Lago Atitlan. But, the cost Hotels in Antigua can be expensive.

50 Q per night is a good price for a Hotel in Antigua, or on Lake Atitlan, this is about 5-6 USD, and is the going price for many great room, if you pay more than 80, you are paying for a swimming pool, or luxury.

Note, there are 2-5 cheaper hotels in Guatemala City, close to the airport, you should not need to pay more than about 10-20 Q to go to them. The Revue Magazine normally has ads for these hotels.

The Cheapest way to travel it Lago Atitlan is by Chicken Bus, maybe 3-10 USD from Guatemala city.

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90  percent of the time travelers can find a reasonably priced taxi in Lago Atitlan  Guatemala at the airport. However, the other 10 percent of the time they gouge  or make life miserable. If you know the best solution for airport pickup for  Lago Atitlan Guatemala, the please click on write article and help people to  visit Lago Atitlan Guatemala.

Questions to answer by people living on Lake Atitlan?
1. Cost to be picked up and brought to Lago Atitlan Guatemala?
2. Distance from the airport to Lago Atitlan  Guatemala?
3. Can the driver be paid in Dollars or is local currency  necessary?
4. How long is the ride? 5. Does the driver hold up a sign?
6. Does the driver speak English?
7. How long is the trip to Lago Atitlan  Guatemala?
8. Is there wheelchair or disabled help for Lago Atitlan  Guatemala?
9. Fare quotes for transfers to/from other airports.
10. Can  clients communicate by e-mail with driver?
11. Is there an Internet page for  the shuttle or airport pickup service?
12. Wheelchair Lifts
13. Handicap Vans
14. Is there any Gringos who will pick up people for a fee?

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I just paid Don Carlos from Posada Don Carlos 80 USD to pick me up at 8:45 PM, and the plane was late. I arrived in Pana at past Midnight, which is only a two hour flight. He is the owner of a Hotel, so I could just move in, I pay 1300-1400 Q per month.

Don Carlos +50254516439
There are couple more, and I think the standard rate is 60 USD, the road is good. If you want, you can pay 20 USD for a taxi, stop in Antigua, and take a shuttle the next day for 5-10 USD. But the night in Antigua can be 25-45, unless you can figure it out good. 20 + 25 + 10 is 55, for another 5 or 25 you skip Antigua.

It is nice to have the ride, connected with the room. If I arrive in the morning, I just best up the taxi price, until he comes for 60, or go to Antigua and pay the shuttle or Chicken bus.


Rooms are about negotiating, I did not beat up the owners, I allowed them to be happy, but the 60 dollars is not big deal to me for a month. I could if I wanted get a 50 USD per month room here, but do not want to be inconvenienced by living alone.

Bottom line, if you want to live outside the USA, then pay 300 per month, and work you way down to cheaper, and do not hang on the prices so close, it is not important.

David, I know you well enough now, get a Lonely Planet Guidebook, and use it, and stop trying to find all the answer on the Internet. It is not the best place to find honest opinions, yes, I am honest, but I am a rare person on the Internet.

Go to the libary and read, Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, and Footprints, and you will know all the prices you are working so hard to find. The Internet is the worst place to find the prices.

Yes, the Private Message thing is good, but if you are talking to a tourist and not a Backpacker, you still are paying too much.

The best price advice is from from a person 20-27 who is on a one-year trip, and uses Lonely Planet guidebook.

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