Annoyances and Problems on Lago Atitlan Guatemala

This is a list of the primary annoyances, and problems on Lago Atitlan, Guatemala.


List of Annoyances on Lago Atitlan

From worst to least...

1. Church loudspeaker music and singing. i.e. Born again Ben in Pana, or the church in Jaibalito.

2. School music, or bar music - i.e. Bethel or Zoola in San Pedro La Laguna

3. Dogs fighting, barking and defecation -- All of Lake Atitlan.

4. Woo Woo people, Missionaries tour groups, and Non Governmental Organizations with volunteers who are noisy, and disrespectful of the other people around them.

5. Tuk Tuk Traffic noise, this is the three wheel taxis.

6. People sitting around drunk at open table in Hotels.
i.e. Pinnochio in San Pedro La Laguna

7. Tips or Propinas included at restaurants, but not told to clients before, this is a highly inflationary tactic, and the end game will be that exploitation of foreign tourists becomes standard, and Lago Atitlan become a tourist trap that is too expensive for the country.

8. Street vendors allowed to enter restaurants, stores, and follow the tourists.

9. The foreigners trying to cheat the other foreigners, trying to sell products, services and other items at USA prices.


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