Video of Flooded Restaurant Elena on Lago Atitlan

This is a video about a flooded restaurant in the village of San Pedro La Laguna, on Lake Atitlan, where the Restaurant Elena used to be, and now moved.

This family needs patrons, the restaurant they family owned for 14 years has flooded because the water on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala flooded their business. They are now located near the dock for boats going to Panajachel. To visit the restaurant, and help them earn money for the famil, with five chidren, you walk up from the dock, take the first right, and it is across from the Shanti Shanti.

Restaurant Elena


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This is so sad... Is the Government going to help all the towns on the lake shore? Are there any plans to drain or maintain a water level? I know there are one or more grass root movements trying to address this problem.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.andfp=3d5637f644e45163andbiw=1324andbih=572

There are so many ways to approach this problem but as always there is so much talk about it and not much actual action.


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