Artesanias Tipicos Lago Atitlan Guatemala

Artesanias Tipicos Lago Atitlan Guatemala

There are many Mayan people living on Lago Atitlan that work weaving cloth.

Artesania Defined: Craft refers both to the work of the craftsman (usually done manually by a person without the aid of machinery or automation), and the object or derivative-in which each piece is different from the others. The craftsmanship and material activity is usually distinguished from the serial or industrial work.

In order to define and distinguish the craft industry, Eutimio Rodriguez Tovar "Handicrafts its economic and social importance" has been proposed as one definition of craft "all creative manual technique to produce individually, goods and services" and industry therefore defined as "any mechanical technique applied to produce socially, goods and services."

For many people, the craft is a compromise between design and art. For others it is a continuation of traditional trades, where aesthetics has a role but the practicality of the object produced is also important.

Some artisans are also engaged in so-called 'traditional trades', but there are fewer.

One of the main problems is the competition craft products from low cost industrial processes, with similar appearance to craft products, but with lower price and quality.

Another difficulty is the artisans to market their products, as it is a feature of the craft, which takes place in individual workshops or few people, with little capacity to market.

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