Cheap Flights Lago Atitlan Guatemala

Cheap Flights to Lago Atitlan Guatemala

The price goal of an American flying to Guatemala City should be 200 USD one-way and 400 round trip. All taxes included, surcharges and strange fee included, but the baggage fee not included.

Airfare Goal from USA to GUA - Guatemala City:

200-230 one-way
400-460 round-trip

This is the airfare prices goal to fly from USA to Guatemala -- can you get that price is the next problem?

"The time you spend is subtracted off the price you pay!"
- Andy Lee Graham


Convenience cost money, therefore if you just want to call up a travel agent, buy the ticket, then you will be paying 400-500 one-way, and maybe as much as 1000 round trip. Generally, the bigger problems is airlines know when to charge the most amount of money, and do so, you want to travel over Christmas vacation, therefore the airlines adjust, and charge you high fees.

Expensive times to travel:

1. Holidays
2. Fridays
3. Mondays

Mistakes in Trust

1. Trust your friend knows a cheap prices.
2. Trust the NGO's, Volunteers, Missionaries, etc. are getting a good price
3. Trust your travel agent.
4. Trust that buying on the Internet is cheap. (WRONG- but maybe right.)

1 in 30 People get the 200 Fare

You have a 1 in 30 chance in talking to a person who can help you, and then, the people  getting the 200 dollar fares know better than to help. Why? We know, the 29 going to say things like,
"I must fly on January 1, and I want a direct flight."
and we think,
"Then you deserve to pay exorbitant prices."

Airlines to Target First

2. - This is a very tricky airlines, take incredible care in buying, or you will end up with a ticket costing twice the cost, and a flight time of 18 hours.
3. Continental
4. Delta

Be Flexible
Try to be flexible, search with, and include three day before, and three days after.

Travel Agents
Walk into the office of many travel agents, not one, but many and say,
"I want a plane ticket from your MAJOR City X, to Guatemala."
The smart ones can find you one, you may even want to say, I will give you 50 dollars extra if you find me a 200 dollar ticket, or 400 round way.

Buying Ahead is Good, and Bad

Last minute flights are the cheapest, the airlines will unload, offload, drop fares to the bottom. These tickets are sold almost always on, or, and not directly from the airlines. Buy ahead, if you are getting the 200-400 fares offered, or need to guarantee you get a flight.

Major Hubs Flying to GUA Guatemala City

1. Miami
2. New York
3. Chicago

Note, ask yourself, where are the Guatemalan, or Latinos clustered and living inside the USA? This is where there is more competition.

Cheap Flights for Lago Atitlan Guatemala?
Please write and explain the best city to city routes leading to Lago Atitlan Guatemala. For Example, maybe New York, USA to Lago Atitlan Guatemala could be the cheapest because the most amount of flights and tons of competition.
Thanks for helping on Cheap Flights to Lago Atitlan Guatemala.
This page can help you find the cheapest airlines:
List of Low Cost Carrier on Wikipedia

Cheap Flights Lago Atitlan Guatemala

Are there charter flights from the USA to Guatemala City?

Now remember, 200 USD is the goal one-way, and 400 is the target price to achieve round trip. And, never trust your friends, the church, the NGO, the travel agent, they only know what are doing 1 in 30 times.

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Sometime out of Chicago will have a direct flight very cheap, but many people I think take Continental. I use to buy plane tickets, but take care, they will sell 30-60 hour plane flights cheap, trying to be clever.


American Airlines often has very good fairs, and their results dont appear on the travel search engines. You have to go to their website. .

Taca can be good, but to get the best price, do your homework, and find out what other airlines are ing (especially American), then walk into the office of a TACA agent, and show them the e. TACA will generally match any other airlines fares, saving a lot of money, especially if its some sort of promotional fare from another airline. They wont, however, match some of the Spirit promo fares, because its too ridiculous to even attempt to take advantage of the Spirit deals, because they sell out too quickly.


I went with Interjet (a mexican company) and paid $400 roundtrip from CA. They dont use aggregators but the price os was good. Service is equivalent to Southwest.To get the best deals you need to understand Spanish.


For a small group of people, usually, 6 that would be a good deal. For the vast majority of people, they are sold out of those seats, and youll pay more, often times as much or even more than a regular carrier, like United or American.

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