Hotels Lago Atitlan Guatemala

List of Hotels on Lago Atitlan in Guatemala

Hotel Prices on Lago Atitlan, Guatemala are Negotiable

Double Room are for Lovers
There is no reason to share a room between two friends, and there is no reason to live in dorm room in a Hostel on Lago Atitlan. Owners charge per person, the only good reason to share of live in a hostel is to get the price per person down to 20 Q per night.

Going Price Per PERSON, not Room
It is very easy to find a room for 30-60 Quetzales per night for one person.

Short Stays: If you are staying for only one night, the price will be double, or triple the weekly rate, expect to pay 50-80 Quetzales per person, or 5-10 USD.

Room prices are 90 percent of the time negotiable in Guatemala, the owner will look at you, decide how saavy you are, and tell you a price. Please ignore any signs posted by local governments on the price of a room, and if an owner points at that, he or she is trying to be tricky, put up your guard, the person may not be trustworthy.

Avoid Missionary Tour Group Hotels: There are a few hotels that cater to groups of 10-50 Missionaries. This is about the same a having a convention in your Hotel, with noise, confusion, and cost increases. The Hotels on Lake Atitlan are normally too small to accomodate these groups, and single travelers at the same time.

You Rent Until You Leave: The standard in Guatemals is nomal that you have the room until you are asked to leave, but try to tell the owner, and again avoid the Missionary occupied Hotels, they may ask you to leave.

Noise Problems on Lake Atitlan: Traffic, Churches, Schools, Dogs, Party and Chickens, the Churches and Dogs fighting can be torture, best to live in a room a week, before paying by the month.

Car Parking: Cars are rarely owned by travelers because of the true danger, it is easy to stop a car, and rob you. Renting or driving a car makes you and easy target for robbery. Therefore, few Hotels provide adequate parking, plus Tuk Tuk taxis are great transportation, and cheap enough for anyone to afford at 5 Q per person, per trip.

Monthly Hotel Rates: 1300-1500 Q is the standard rate, and is the same price as an apartment, but you would need to arrange Internet, and pay electricity, gas, etc. Remember to negotiate, they will never lose money by renting too low, but do not make them angry, they have the keys to your room.

Recommended Hotel rooms have WIFI, Hot Shower, and the majority have common kitchens. The goal of is to assist people wanting to live on on the lake from 1-3 months.

Panajachel: Pana has better shopping, and the best foreigner infrastructure on the lake, it is the convenient city on the lake. Note that Panajachel can be noisy, take great care to avoid traffic noise, on either Santander, or the main street to the market. If you Hotel is directly on these streets, it will be noisy because of Tuk Tuk Taxis, and Buses, etc.

Best Three Panajachel Hotels Values: Take care when arriving on the weekend, prices can double, and owners will not negotiate because the high amount of Guatemalans coming from the city to party, drink, and pay too much. These people occupy room with 2-4 beds.

1. El Amigo 50Q, an excellent hotel, on dead end street, so quiet.
2. Posada Don Carlos - 50Q, it is getting a little beat up, and the WIFI is questionable, but a family Hotel with Kitchen.
3. El Viajero, close to Post Office, take care, there are two of them, and both are good.

San Pedro La Laguna: The advantage for San Pedro is many rooms have views of the lake, and the average cost is about 50Q per night. Plus there is always a new trendy restaurant opening, as other poorly conceived ones close.

Best Five San Pedro La Laguna Hotels Values

These are the best Hotel values in San Pedro, quiet, kitchens, WIFI, good locations, and for the most part, looking at the lake. This list is not the party Hotels, it is the list of Hotels for living. They prices indicate what you can pay for a negotiate seven day stay, and always take care to negotiate, or you will pay too much, monthly rates are normally less.

1. Hotel San Antonio 50Q. (Best) TV, WIFI, Kitchen, View of Lake
2. Gonzales and Gonzales 40Q, good but self service, empty Hotel, without WIFI, you need a Claro or Tigo USB modem.
3. Tepepul Kaan 50Q - Good, this is located in a very convenient location, but you need to pay for Tuk Tuk the first time to find it, it is confusing to find.  TV, Internet, Kitchen, Balcony
4. Pinocchio 50-70Q Great location, nice gardin, Kitchen, WIFI, but no shelves, room truly needs place for clothes and personal items, room is bare. Difficult to find, and a little expensive because it is popular, it is best to use a Tuk Tuk taxi to find, plus it is long walk.   
5. Penelua 25Q Extremely cheap option for a single room, for one person, you need to take a Tuk Tuk to find, it is far from Pana Dock. It may take time to find the owner. WIFI, Kitchen.

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