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You hire a mail forwarding service as an insurance company, you pay them to help you insure the mail come from the USA to Lago Atitlan Guatemala.

What is the name of mail forwarding companies in Lago Atitlan Guatemala?

Related names:
Parcel Forwarding
International Mail Forwarding Network
Express Shipping
Express Parcel Service
Mail Drop
Boat Mail
US Mail Forwarding
International Shipping

Example of "Great Forwarding Service"
They do not use FedEx, they shop from Miami to many locations on the planet for about five dollar more than USA postal service. You can add their address to and order, the package is sent to Miami, then fowarded to you address.

Location Map for Dominican Republic for EPS

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We need tested companies, whereby we can send to a USA address, and it is special delivered to another country for around 5 USD per pound. FedEx and UPS is too expensive for a person living abroad, these point to point services are 100 times better.

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