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I am making arrangements to move to Pana or possibly San Pedro La Laguna in November and I take a battery of medications and even one is a narcotic for chronic lumbar back pain and want to get some Medical Insurance for the scrpits and also office visits to a primary care Physician.

The prices I see if I get the insurance here in the states first is sky high. Are there reputable insurance carriers who will write a policy for me that is as inexpensive as these other ex-pat sites say you can get it for? I have even read you can get most meds w/o a Drs perscription and that the pharmacists will write it? Is this true?

Thanks! David T Pike

I wasnt sure if I should post this here in Medical or in the insurance thread. Ill repost it there also...


Thanks for posting, more or less I answered on Insurance. But, please post a list of medicines, and the milligrams, and I will write in the amount of money. Please, do not send Private Message to me, I want the world to share questions and answers.

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