Prices Lago Atitlan Guatemala

Please submit the going price to buy staple items in Lago Atitlan Guatemala?

1. Whole roasted chicken?

2. Marlboro Cigarettes Pack?

3. One Beer

4. How much per pound to have clothes washed?

5. Taxi?

6. Rent a motorcycle?

7. One liter of Gas?

8. 5 Gallon Bottle of Water?

9. Massage?

Thank you

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While my list does not include everything listed above, it does include most things. Panajachel is surprisingly cosmopolitan, and many things you cant find in other towns in Guatemala outside of the capital are available here, though, they are often rather expensive. Below, Ill list general basic commodities, in Quetzales, the local currency, bearing in mind the bank exchange rate is right around Q7.70 to the dollar as of todays date, of 15 July, 2012:

1 lb. of tomatoes Q2-3, (All produce prices are at the local market, and not at grocery stores, unless otherwise noted).

1 lb. of onions, almost always white onions, Q2-3.

1 roasted ready to eat chicken, only available at the Dispensa Familiar, about Q45 or so. for a 3 lb. chicken.

Eggs, Q1 each, or Q25 for a flat of 30 at the market.

Most imported cigarettes Q15-17 a pack.

Soft drinks Q5 for 600 ml. Q10 for 1.5 lt. or Q15 for 3 lts. Prices are much lower for knock off labels, like Super Cola and Sabemas. The Dispensa Familiar sells a 3.3 lt. bottle of Sabemas for Q10. Please note that Guatemala produces more than enough sugar, so only imported foods contain high fructose corn syrup. If you try to explain HFCS to a Guatemalan, theyll just think youre crazy, or lying. They simply cannot believe that a foreigner would drink something like that, or put it in their food.

Gasoline runs between Q33 and Q35 a *GALLON*, not per liter. Thats between $4 and $5. Diesel runs a bit less, but its still a bit of a stretch to the budget. With the vast number of tuk tuks for Q5, or a chicken bus to Solola from Panajachel costing Q3, its well worth not using a car.

One load of laundry washed, dried and folded runs Q55, as I recall. (My housekeeper does my laundry). A little note about hiring a housekeeper, or other staff. While the minumum wage is either Q10 or Q12 an hour, or so, there are also two bonuses paid during the year to most employees. Each bonus is equal to one months salary. Rather than pay the two bonuses, I personally pay well above minimum wage, year round, with the understanding that the two bonos will not be paid.

A massage by a certified masseuse should run about Q200 more or less.

Guatemalan alcohol prices are generally high, due to taxes. A beer usually runs about Q10 in a store. Personally, I buy excellent Russian beer in a half lt. bottle for Q11.25 each, since I buy a case. A case of real American made Bud is a bargain at Q169, if you buy it off the truck. Do be careful to check expiration dates, as this is a tropical climate.

Bananas, as an example of fruit usually sell for about Q.90 or less a lb., thats about 12 cents American.

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