Solutions to High Water Problem on Lake Atitlan and More Food for Locals

Lake Atitlan is rising, and expensive homes, hotels, and whole areas are being swamped soon the piscina foreigner cookout in San Pedro will need to move.


High Water Problem on Lago Atitlan

Grow more food with irrigattion, evaporate more water, and make electricity, and harness water with hoses from up, not down.

I was living in San Pedro la Laguna when it rained for 4-5 days. When I left my room, and came out of hiding from the rains, Jaibalito had a new ravine, houses were missing along the banks for the Panajachel River, bridges washed away, and people were dead. I went on a tour to see the havoc causes by water, and as is the nature of humans, I am sure we site and wait for more to arrive, always too optimistic, or we throw money at problems, but not solutions, you know, simple good ideas.

Non Governmental Organizations and Missionaries cause more problems than they solve, and truly doom people to poverty. The missionaries want worshiped, the want thanked, they want appreciated. They say, to ask  God to come... Then when, God sends a boat, they say no... I will pray, because they stop using what God gave us, our minds.

Giving money, food, and charity dooms people to a life of poverty, they stop working, and wait for the money to return again and again. The bigger tragedy, they stop thinking, they become dumbed down, which is beneficial to missionaries and governments.

Well a sustainable solution is something that self monetizes.

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, or closer to correct spelling would be Lago Atitlan, with and accent mark, this lake is an endorheic lake, it has no drainage. (Read Below)

Waer Table

How does water drain from Lago Atitlan, it either evaporates, or moves below the ground?

The soil is like a huge sponge, there ground beneath us is saturated with water, when you dig a well, you dig down the the top of the pond that exist below the ground. This is the water table.

Lake Atitlan needs drainage or evaporation!. The bottom line, the water needs to evaporate off Lago Atitlan, or underground streams, or water table movement needs to increase, the aquifer needs to drain away below the surface of the land. Note - Stop Smoking dope --- You need to be smarter than the average bear here. (Yogi Bear.), which is not possible normally for governments or the masses of people, but a few leaders could think clearly and save the lake, and lives, we must slow the water, not increase the speed.

Make Money with this Excess Water
--- And You have a Sustainable Solution

If you look at the Panajachel River today, you will see they are building huge dikes, or embankments, and causing, or encouraging the water to flow faster to the lake creating a bigger problem.

Mesh Dike

They are building bigger walls, and making the lake deeper, and causing the flooding to increase, not decrease, the water is moving to fast to the lake.


All the men, and boys cleaning stone in the river bed, and cleaning gravel to make ready for concrete could be making ponds also...
-TO INCREASE EVAPORATION and shrink the lake!

Up RIVER is the PROBLEM!!!!!!

We NEED To "Harness the Rills"

Rill Defined: Definition of Rill or Rills - First, understand, a river, or lake starts at a higher point, or elevation. There is an underground river on top of the mountain. The mountains and hills are like huge sponges, absorbing all the water that rains. Slowly, the sponge becomes over-saturated, it refuses to hold more water, and their starts a "Rill." It is the small stream of water, no bigger than your finger.

The Rill turns into a channel, a creek, then a brook, then a stream, then into a pond, then into a lake, sometimes a swamp, and then into the ocean.

Up river from Lake Atitlan, up stream, up the falls, up and up is more water. This water needs diverted, it needs slowed, more "WATER SURFACE" needs created so it evaporates. We could be growing rice upstream...

The Counter Intuitive Solution is Irrigation
The campesinos need to irrigate the coffee beens, the corn, the cabbage, and hydroponics, crap, those boys growing marijuana need to use more water. The farmers are scared of water, in reality, the more water they put on the crops "slowly," the more food they will grow. Harnest the rainforest, cloud forest, and keep is moving slower and slower, not faster. Please.

Generators of Electricity to Slow Water Speed
Chris S, Hot Springs Freak is always droning about the Pico Generators in Vietnam. These could be set up, make ponds, and drops of three meters.


They sell micro water or hydro generators in the markets in Vietnam, this is bigger unit, but locals could slow the water from the water falls and harness small amount of electricity, and make the water move slower, not faster.

Water Hoses

In the Philippines, instead of pumping water out of the ground, they sometimes run hoses down from up the side of the mountains. The water is cleaner than ground water, next to the sewer lines, and no need for electirc pumps, or to pay the city for public waters. Hose Pressure in Philippines Photos.


We need to slow the water down, stop making it move faster.

Increase evaporation by creating more surface water, irrigation, maybe grow rice.

Make dikes across the rivers, to make ponds, for more surface area and evaporation.

Create more irrigation to slow the water, more surface, and more evaporation. and double the production of food. I am an Indiana farm boy, we irrigate to double the crops, we have plenty of water.

Harness the rills, and divert, and divert again, slow the water to the lake, please harness the rills, not the river, get ahead of the game.

Try to get the up on the top of the mountains streams, to fall on the other side and flow to another area of the country.

Bring hoses down from the water to create water pressure to irrigate crops, etc. and potable water for showers.

Andy Lee Graham a.k.a. Gadget


An endorheic basin, terminal or closed basin is a closed drainage basin that retains water and allows no outflow to other external bodies of water, such as rivers or oceans, but converges instead into lakes or swamps, permanent or seasonal, that equilibrate through evaporation. Normally, water that has accrued in a drainage basin eventually flows out through rivers or streams on the Earth's surface or by underground diffusion through permeable rock, ultimately ending up in the oceans. However, in an endorheic basin, rain (or other precipitation) that falls within it does not flow out but may only leave the drainage system by evaporation and seepage. Endorheic basins are also called internal drainage systems.

Photos Solutions to High Water Problem on Lake Atitlan and More Food for Locals

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