Exceptional Worker in Panajachel Guatemala

Restaurants Lago Atitlan Guatemala


It was Amazing!

I went to Pollo Express a few times, I orders a Chicken Breast, and asked,
"Do you have pepper?"

The girl went in the back, then shortly came back with a small bag of pepper, and I was happy. When I returned the next day, she remembered that I wanted the pepper and would hand it to me as I went to sit down. This went on for a few days, then an amazing thing happened.

Well, the other day, she hands me a pepper shaker. I asked,
"Why did you get this?"

"Well, you are client, and I wanted you to be happy."

Great Waitress

It was amazing to me!

Well, in the 14 years I have traveled the planet, I do not think any developing country worker has ever thought or done anything proactive for me when I was not around. This sounds bad, but they have no sense of time, and the boss does not care. This is not about Pollo Express, it is a celebration of this girl.

She also speaks English, this is almost a freak of the economy for Guatemala. Pana is on this ridiculous streak where they are adding the tip onto the bill.

I refuse to pay, rich or poor restaurant, the service is blah.

But, I gave here a 50 Q tip yesterday, and wish I knew a way to hire here away from Pollo Express.


Andy Lee Graham

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