Smokin Joes BBQ San Pedro and Panajachel - Restaurants Lago Atitlan Guatemala

There is a Barbecue on Saturday in Panajachel, and Sunday in San Pedro La Laguna on Lago Atitlan in Guatemala.

Nestor who lives in San Pedro La Laguna has a barbecue in Panajachel on Saturdays from 12-4, and in San Pedro La Laguna on Sundays from 12-4.

Smokin Joe's Barbecue is a great way to learn who are the foreigners living on Lake Atitlan. There are many expatriates who live outside the villages, and only come in for the barbecue, this is a great way to meet foreigners.

You can have USA style food, and quickly understand what type of foreigners are living in either San Pedro La Laguna or Panajachel. Each village on the lake attracts different personalities, in a way each village on Lake Atitlan is a different flavor.

Note: Do not sit too close to the band, and look for the posters hanging to find the present location of the barbecue.

Smokin Joe Nestor

 This is Nestor, the owner, manager and cook at Smokin Joe's Barbecue.



Video below by Lon P from the USA who is presently in October of 2012 staying in San Pedro at the Gonzalez and Gonzalez Hotel.

Plate of food

This plate of food cost between 40 and 60 Quetzales, this is chicken.

BArbeque Poster

Look for these poster on Lago Atitlan because the location of Smokin Joe's Barbecue can change or move.

Videos and Photos of Foreigners....

I somewhat avoided making the top video above, and if you notice, the only person in the video that is easy to see is Nestor. I was joking with Nestor saying, if an expat jumps up and comes after me, you need to do a cross body block on him or her. There are foreigners living abroad are hiding and do not want their photo shown to the world, making a video of foreigners is a great way to annoy them, or make enemies... hehehe

Thank you,
Andy Graham 2012

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Comments 2


Great! Now I dont have to take the water Taxi on Sunday to San Pedro and can get some great American carne and meet the ex-pats in Pana on Saturday instead!
I hear its rough on the lake in the afternoon and you would have to spend the night in San Pedro... Is this true?

Phil J

Wow. I miss the barbecue. And the Palapa is so convenient to everything. I definitely have to return to Panajachel. It will be so nice to get Polla Campero in Panajachel. See you there.

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