Retire On Lago Atitlan Seminar - Retirement Lago Atitlan Guatemala

Retirement on Lago Atitlan Guatemala, meet up with Andy Lee Graham,he is on Lake Atitlan until October 20, 2012, learn to retire abroad from an expert.


Meet up on Lake Atitlan and learn how to retire abroad.

500 U.S. Dollar fee to Andy, plus cost of plane, etc, but I will help you arrange all that by talking on the telephone.

I will be living on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala until October 20, 2012. If you are thinking about retiring abroad, come and learn from an expert at living abroad.

Lake Atitlan

I have perpetually traveled the planet now for 14 years, I have lived in 90 countries, and can explain the pros and cons of all the cultures.

This is an investment in your future, it is to save you 1000's, if not 100's of thousands of dollars in grief.

Come have fun, see the lake, learn a little Spanish, from Andy Lee Graham, not I speak both French and Spanish, but was born in Indiana.

I do not know the next time I will be here, but probably next seminars could be in Thailand, Philippines or Goa, India before I go to Africa.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham

1-260-624-4414 - This forwards to me in Guatemala.


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Neil V

Andy, great way to help others and raise funds. The greater lead time for such training tours your audience has, the more likely they will travel to pay for your services. Americans want plenty of lead time to plan a trip like this.

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