Tourist Attractions Lago Atitlan Guatemala

Tourist Attractions on Lago Atitlan Guatemala

Lago Atitlan is full of hidden culturally, and significant tourist treasures, Please,  you must stop, take a breath, or you can easily lose the plot, and be overwhelmed by the insignificant things by accidentally following the herd. This page hopes to point out what is unique to Lake Atitlan, and what is not to be missed, what you seldom will experience in any other tourist destination.

Unique, but hard to understand is the climate is a tourist destination, at approximately 1500 meters, or 5000 elevation above sea level. The people of Lago Atitlan, have no need for air conditioning, or furnace, truly one of most uniquely perfect climates on the planet. 

The Cities of the Lake are named for the 12 Apostles 

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Casa Cakchiquel - Cultural Center
Built in 1948, Casa Cakchiquel was one of the first hotels on the lake and according to legend, Ernesto "Che" Guevara, Ingrid Bergman, and other famous people and artists enjoyed the house. Today it i...

Iglesia San Francisco
Large Iglesia, or church.

Panajachel Food Market
On Sunday is Market Day in Panajachel.

Geography Flooding Lesson
There has been many floods on Lake Atitlan, for people wanting to see the havoc caused by flooding, then go to this bridge and look at where the houses have been washed into the river.

San Jorge Mayan Cave
If you take the 3 Q Chicken Bus up the hill, and depart at the San Jorge Exit, then walk back down the hill toward Pana, you will then see a point of land jutting out into toward the lake. Walk all the way out, and as you get to the end there is a hollow cave, please be careful not disturb the locals, it could be dangerous.

Crossroads Café
This is very successful foreigner who caters to Missionaries and foreigners. This is culturally significant to see how a foreigners can become a tourist destination for Missionaries when it has little...

Geography Lesson - Flood Damage at Bridge
As you deboard the boats at Jaibalito, you will notice a huge cut into the land, this was all just a hill before the last huge storm.

The Green Door - House of ill Repute (Girls)
The Green Door - House of ill Repute (Girls) - Truly is and education to understand how working girls is a part of most Latino cities, and this place is special, with a stage and dancing.

Cheese Fresca or Blanco

There is white cheese sold in a banana leaf sold in Panajachel, the tienda next to Marios room will sell for 7-8 Q. 

Chocolate Beans and Chocolate

Enter the Panajachel Market, and you can see, and purchase really Cacao Bean, or large slabs of chocolate, or small one for 1 Quetzales.

Sewing Tourism Many foreigners use this company that sews clothings to make, or alter clothing. You can have this man make small backpacks and purses for you.

Jucanya Hot Springs Laundry - There is a laundry for locals that use hot water from an underground hot springs. Laundry Video

Watch the sunset from the Sunset Restaurant.


High Elevation Scuba
Lago Atitlan is a destination for scuba divers wishing to check off, or tick one of the more unique scuba dives on the planet. This is supposed to be one of the highest elevation, deep water dives on ...


Volcano Museum Tzuna Ya
This museums is special, they have a video room, with a short film. And functioning models showing how the Teutonic places collide to form the lake and three volcanoes.

Parque Central San Pedro
This park is the most beautiful on the lake, and culturally part of the Central America, and South America culture, and the church is spectacular.

Volcan San Pedro Ecology Park Volcano San Pedro

Chocolate in San Pedro La Laguna
- There are small family size chocolate processing businesses in San Pedro.

Academia Mayan
To understand Lago Atitlan, you need to be aware there are three language here on the lake. Come to the Academia of Mayan languages and buy books, and talk with the managers.

Coffee Bean Processing Area
There is a large coffee processing area in San Pedro. walk up the from the dock, turn left, then about one-half block down the road on the left.

Jewish - Chabad Israel Center House
The Israel tourists have established a culturally interesting Jewish center in San Pedro La Laguna, this is a unique cultural change to San Pedro.


Chairs Manufactured
There is a special wooden chair, almost like a lawn chair made in San Pablo.



Large Typical Clothes Sales
In the village of San Antonio Palapo, there is a large womens building, whereby they make, weave, and sew typical goods.


Weaving Santa Catarina
In the village of Santa Catarina, you can easy find women weaving along the path leading to the water.

Hot Springs Swimming
It is possible to swim in a hot springs that is close to Santa Catarina. You would be swimming in Lake Atitlan.





Large Hippie Dread Tattoo Area San Marco challenges Khao San Road in Thailand for the lead as the Dread, Hippie, Counter Culture, Tattoo, drink a beer, and do meditation, smoke a joint, and wear wild clothing center on the planet... 


Solola Market Day
One of the largest in the area, this is typical market, that is huge, and truly culturally significant. Contrary to Chichicastengo that caters to tourist trinkets.


The Lake is Surrounded by Coffee Growing
If you walk about anywhere around Lago Atitlan, you will see coffee plants. There are many coffee process in plants on the lake, and when it is season, there will be coffee beans drying, so that the f...

Lake Atitlan Boat Tours

Volcano Toliman

Cacao Plantations
There is supposed to be Cacao, or Chocolate Bean Plantations between here and the coast.

Spanish Schools Lake Atitlan
Although cheap to study Spanish here, this is not the best place to learn Spanish in the world, because Spanish is a second language to most of the Mayan people on the lake. Take great care, and check that your teacher truly knows Spanish.


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Phil J

Wow. I did not know about most of this. When I come back to Lago Atitlan I will definitely have this list with me. LOL. I did get a chance to spend the day at San Marcos. I love it.
I really like mingling with the tourists at Panajachel and San Marcos. The nice restaurants make it easy to find good food. I agree. Whats not to like.

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