San Pedro La Laguna Cantinas The Corner Bar of the Latin World

First time visitors to Central or South American could enjoy visiting a local Cantina the corner bars of the Latino world, a part of Guatemala culture.

Cantina's or the local corner bars are part of most cultures on the planet, and it is fun to stop in and see what the local boys are drinking.

There is three in one location in the village of San Pedro La Laguna, to visit these three you walk straight up the hill from the Santiago Dock, when the road splits then go the left, it will be located immediately after the fork in the road. See map below.


 Latin Bar

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Photos San Pedro La Laguna Cantinas The Corner Bar of the Latin World

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Comments 2

Phil J

It sounds like the place to mingle with the locals and catch up on the local gossip. I love the easy going friendly atmosphere in San Pedro and Panajachel. It is one of the few places where I feel well and truly on vacation.
I miss Guatemala a lot. I remember the little grill near the coffee shop where we went for grilled beef with grilled green onions and tortillas. I really liked it.
Have fun.

Phil J

Andy is the liquor a corn liquor like Jack Daniels? Do you mix it with cola or something? I will have to try it. I know in England that every little town and village had their own micro brew beer and the locals were quite adamant that it was the best brew to drink. Not sure if that is still true in England to the extent it used to bee.
I am really looking forward to visiting Lago Atitlan again. I think this time I will purchase a tea pot to heat water in my room. I love tea and coffee steaming hot.

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