Why we live in Lago Atitlan Guatemala

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Phil J

I live on Lake Atitlan for all the above reasons. Alas I do not live there full time but the day may come when I can spend a large part of my time there. Lago Atitlan is one of the few places in the world where I can feel truly at ease and on vacation.
I love the climate. No need for heat or air conditioning. The scenery is breath takingly beautiful. There are plenty of places to eat and you can choose your preferred ambiance. I particularly like the little grill next to the coffee shop across the street from the bank. In the evening they grill strip steaks and green onions with side orders.
For pizza I found a place that really understands what a pizza should taste like. I order extra cheese and have them cook it extra long and it is mouth watering. A little pricey by Guatemalan standards but cheap by US standards. And for the ambiance of a sit down dinner with a date, there are too many choices to list.
I like San Pedro because of the constant stream of tourists. They are fun to watch. And it is really a quaint little town. There are lots of nice restaurants and hotels. But Panajachel is also nice. Just take your pick and you are guaranteed to have a great time.
So pack your bag and see you soon on gorgeous Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. And this recommendation comes from a professional tourist. I do not own a home and am at present in the far, far, far, western pacific on a beautiful tropical island enjoying life to the fullest. I am a true nomad and loving it.


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